New Mail Interface

As of July 11, 2016 I the new mail interface has not loaded any new mail ffrom your server.  I am still able to read messsages on the Roundcube interface. 

Round Cube Email

1. Experiencing spellcheck difficulties with Round Cube email. A Get error message when try to send or resend msgs, even though messages are spelled correctly.  Requires a second “Send” before message is  sent.  

2. No option to add a unique word to dictionary on Round Cube

3  When do you think new Vivaldi interface for email will be available?  I am having issues with retrieving messages from server now.

  You folks are doing great work.


Symbols used for bookmark folders

I notice on some bookmark folder symbols in my Bookmark list there is a cross-hatch mark in the lower right corner, while others are just folders symbols.  What is the difference in this symbology?  Is there a concern?